In The Scroll a world renown biblical archaeologist is given the opportunity of a lifetime to search for the lost treasures of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem. Once a man of faith, Dr. Chambers no longer claims any after seeing his father put his work before his mother’s death. He reluctantly agrees to lead up the expedition despite the fact that his former girlfriend and another archaeologist he assumes is her boyfriend are key members of the dig. Along the way they encounter fierce opposition: several of their security members are killed, a bombing occurs in one of the tunnels and Dr. Chambers’ ex-girlfriend is kidnapped.

I enjoyed the compelling story that drew me in as the plot unfolded. The authors avoided getting too political with the story, despite the tension between Israel and the Arab world, until the last chapter or two. They also didn’t bring in too much end times prophecy, although it is there. The book is not overly spiritualized, but yet is a journey of faith and discovery. It does contain a fair amount of “Idiana Jones”-ness to it as the archaeologists face dangers while seeking lost biblical treasures. If you enjoy those movies, you’ll like this book.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”. My review is unbiased.