C.S. Lakin’s third book in her Gates of Heaven series has all the elements of a classic fairy tale. There is an evil, murderous step-mother with the spoiled stepsisters who make the young heroine Jadiel do all the work in the house. Her step-mother has her father trapped in a spell, so he is unable to see what is happening. In order to save her father, Jadiel must find the leaves of a mysterious tree. Along the way, she is thrust into the path of her rescuer, Callen, who is also on a journey to find a mysterious bridge that no one seems to know about. Along the way they encounter a talking boar, a crazy old man whose crazy prophesies seem to be important for both Callen’s and Jadiel’s quests and plenty of danger.

While this story was a little more blatantly allegorical than I would have liked, it didn’t distract from the quest of the story. Having not read the first book in the series, I can say that this book stands well on its own without having read any of the others (however, their is a surprise cameo for those who have read other parts of the series. Lakin does a nice job of weaving Scripture and Hebrew words into her stories to create a fantasy realm built upon biblical principles.

In exchange for t My review I received a free copy of this book. I was not required to give a positive a positive review.