I’m always skeptical of books that claim they have the answers…especially when it comes to diet and health. Susan Gregory’s book, The Daniel Fast, wasn’t one of those books, however, mainly because she doesn’t taut the Daniel Fast as a diet to get you the figure you desire. This is because the book is not about a diet, but a fast meant to aid you in your growth with God. It focuses on being healthy: body, mind and spirit (Gregory delineates the differences between these three).

The Daniel Fast is based upon the approach Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego took in Babylon to stay faithful to God in the midst of pressure to conform to their captive culture. It is focused on eating fruit, vegetables, and grains as well as drinking only water for a brief period of time (up to three weeks–or more as you feel led) as well as taking time to deepen your relationship with God.

The first half of the book describes the Daniel Fast, looks at holistic health (body, mind and spirit) and focusing on growing in God. The second half contains recipes, menu ideas and answers to questions that Gregory is frequently asked. I haven’t practiced the Daniel Fast yet, but I can appreciate it’s principles and purpose.

In exchange for my honest review, Tyndale Publishers have provided me with a copy of the book.