With the upcoming third release in Christopher Nolan’s popular Batman movie series this summer, author Paul Asay is clearly capitalizing on the popularity and timing of Christian Bale on the big screen. And who can blame him? Batman is an American icon. And for good reason. He’s a superhero with no special powers. He lets us imagine that any of us (with a few billion dollars) could crusade for justice and right wrongs in our spare time.

In God on the Streets of Gotham: What the Big Screen Batman can Teach Us about God and Ourselves, Asay uses images and stories of Batman from comic books, the early television show, and the movies (including the well-done recent ones) to look at the Christian faith in light of Batman. Asay reiterates several times that Batman is not a Christian figure, but simply that he can teach us about following God.

Asay ends the book with these thoughts: “We are all, I think, called to a life a little like Batman’s–a life of struggle and sacrifice, of hardships and heroism.” He reminds us that the world is a hurting place filled with injustice. We live in a world in need of heroes.