Drawing on the Medusa story from Greek mythology as well as other classic tales, The Crystal Scepter explores several great themes as it tells a great story of a young man discovering that he’s not just a local fisherman’s son from a small, unimportant village. C.S. Lakin adds this fifth novel to her Gates of Heaven series with fairy tale elements of magic, trolls, a damsel in distress, and character surprises. In this self-described fairy tale for adults, Lakin explores themes of keeping vows, finishing well, the heart and treasures.

Without being preachy, The Crystal Scpeter looks at biblical themes through an entertaining story of Pythius, a greedy king who kills the King of Elysiel in order to obtain his scepter which is told to bestow long-life upon it’s bearer. When a seer foretells that his son will one day kill him, Pythius aims to prevent that, but his wife Calli escapes with the baby saving him by putting him in a chest and setting it adrift in the ocean. Her son, Perthin, is raised by a lonely fisherman, who lost his son to the sea years before. When he village is threatened by a sea monster, Perthin learns that his destiny is to become a hero.