Deadline is the story of a journalist and his two best friends. One is, as he sees it, an obnoxious born-again Christian. The other is a free-living atheist doctor. They’ve been best friends since childhood. They served in Viet Nam together. And then end-up in a horrific car crash together that leaves only Jake, the journalist, alive.

Jake discovers that the car accident wasn’t an accident, though. It was intentional. And he’s not sure which of his friends was the intended victim. He begins investigating, with the help of a police detective friend and two unfriendly FBI agents, and begins to find that things are what they seem–including the life he has built for himself.

The story touches heavily on what the afterlife will be like, abortion issues, liberalism (especially in the media), sex-education, faith, and family life. Sometimes it felt a little preachy, but everything is presented with well-done logic and support. Alcorn has written a gripping tale of suspense, with several plot turns that kept me reading.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.