Listen with Your Heart: Spiritual Living with the Rule of St. Benedict is a series of talks that Basil Pennington gave to his brethren at The Monastery of The Holy Spirit where he was abbot. It was meant as a series of talks during Lent to the brothers in the monastery. And while it is slightly Lenten-focused as well as monastic, there are many pearls of wisdom for readers wanting transformational thoughts. Each talk builds upon The Rule of Benedict as a deeper understanding of the Gospels.

Though the book comes out of a monastery as a series of talks to the monks, I found much that resonated with me and my place in life as a married Protestant. His reflections on the types of monks as St. Benedict described made me think about different places I’ve been within my commitment tot he church. His thoughts about living together as monks taught me more about living with my family and being a part of my church.

While a great read for Lent, the book is a good read any time of year, for