Robert Gelinas gives readers a simple, but effective, prayer aid them in their faith journey. It is the most common prayer in the Bible. It is also the one, the Gelinas claims, that Jesus always answers. It is, simply, “Lord, have mercy.” Of course, there are many variations on that prayer, but in The Mercy Prayer Gelinas looks at mercy as one of the strongest attributes of God–and one we often understand the least.

Before reading the book I was familiar with what I had known as “the Jesus prayer.” It is a simple one that is widely used. It is often aligned with breathing or heartbeats so that it becomes more ingrained and prayed all the time. The book, however, gave me encouragement to keep practicing it, and I’ve found myself using it quite a lot lately.

The Mercy Prayer is a short read, but one that provides the reader with a good spiritual discipline and foundation in God’s mercy.

In exchange for an unbiased review, the publisher provided me with a copy of this book.