The Kingdom of God is one of those theological concepts that I know a little about, but have a hard time understanding how it works out in my life. I know Jesus said that it’s here, but it’s also evident that we don’t have the full reality of it until Christ returns. I know Christ is King. But I don’t quite get what that means in my daily living.

This Beautiful Mess helps. Rick McKinley looks at how to practice the presence of the Kingdom in the here and now. It involves a shift in thinking for most of us. I appreciate how he doesn’t take sides. He addresses how most evangelicals focus mainly on the coming Kingdom and are very pious because they want their lives to be right with God, but they miss out on the now part of perusing justice and stewardship of creation. Liberals tend to be more focused on the Kingdom in the present and are good at seeking justice for the oppressed, but sometimes miss out on developing inward spiritual practices.

I recommend This Beautiful Mess for anyone seeking to have a deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God and what it means to live in the now and not yet of it. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review which did not sway my recommendation of the book at all.