A Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia granted his interpreter one favor: to take an orphan boy from a monastery to safety. That one action will change his life forever. As the story unfolds, Jason finds himself running from a militant coups with a Canadian Red Cross volunteer to take Caleb, a quiet orphan boy, to safety. As they escape to America, they soon discover that Caleb is no ordinary boy and that his faith is no ordinary faith.

On national television, millions watch a child with a deformed leg suddenly straighten and able to walk. Meanwhile, a presidential candidate is trying to make sure the orphan boy is silenced. Through it all Jason discovers love from multiple angles.

Blessed Child was a captivating read with plenty of action and suspense wrapped around a story about what faith and the Kingdom of God really look like. It wasn’t preachy, for the most part, but contained a lot of depth.

I received this book through the booksneeze.com blogging program in exchange for an unbiased review.