Merlin’s Blade by Robert Treskillard is a new look at the beginnings of Aurthurian legend. In it we find Merlin, a youth, who is struggling to find his place in his village. His mother dead since he was young, Merlin is raised by his father, the village blacksmith. An attacked by wolves, Merlin was left nearly blind which makes it difficult to fit in.

A strange stone with evil powers, the return of druids to the area (including their leader, Merlin’s grandfather), and a visit from High King Uther bring about excitement and challenges for the small village on the marsh. Merlin finds himself at the center of the action along with his friends, family, and an outpost of monks.

Merlin’s Blade is a fairly good read. I hope Robert Treskillard will be able to continue the story to explore Merlin’s story as he becomes a bard.