I recently read The Power of a Half Hour: Take Back Your Life Thirty Minutes at a Time by Tommy Barnett. I like the concept of the book–using short amounts of time in your day to make a difference. He talks about setting aside time to pray for others, work on a vision for yourself, or spend time with your family. In all he had about 30 different ways to use 30 minutes of your day to make your life more effective.

Again, I like the premise of the book. I want to find that power of a half hour in my life. I think I was a little turned off from it coming from a successful pastor. I have been in ministry and I know that it was much easier to take 30 minutes to pray or do other meaningful things then than it is now that I’m working in a secular job and have a lot of family obligations. It was also a little overwhelming to hear so many suggestions of things I should be doing in those 30 minutes. It would be nice to have heard how a busy person can find 30 minutes of time in their day and how to make the most of it. Still, the book was a good reminder of how to make the most out of the minutes we do get in our days.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.