One Realm Beyond is the first book in Donita K. Paul’s new Realm Walkers trilogy. If you’ve read any of Paul’s books before, you know to expect dragons. Dragons are present; in this case they are partnered with human real-walkers–people able to travel between the different realms of the universe Paul has crafted. It is a universe unlike our own (the realms appear to be as floating layers in space), though it faces many of the same problems our universe has. Corruption, greed, terrorism, vanity, pride. These are all present and causing chaos across the realms.

Cantor is an impulsive teenager learning to become a realm walker–one of the few people who are able to travel between the realms via portals they create. His first task is to find a dragon to be his companion–constant is the term used. It is a relationship of mutual help, growth, and companionship. The first dragon Cantor finds is far from ideal, but before he can go his own way, Cantor finds himself on an adventure along with a mysterious young female realm walker trainee named Bixby.

They quickly find themselves on a mission to defend the innocent in a corrupt government. None of them know who to trust exactly, and Cantor’s mentors have mysteriously disappeared. Readers of fantasy will enjoy this tale of friendship and adventure that leaves the reader waiting for the next part of the series.

In exchange for an unbiased review, I received a copy of this book from the publisher.