Merlin’s Nightmare is the third book in the Merlin Spiral series by Robert Treskilard. Merlin is now a grown man, married, and with children of his own. He is also raising the orphaned Aurthur, who is becoming a young man and is son of the high king and heir to the throne. Aurthur, however, has no knowledge of his lineage. At least at the beginning of the story.

An invasion by the Picti, Saxons in the south, and dissention within the British tribes propel the story forward as Aurthur rushes off to help save the Kingdom. Danger awaits, as does fate. While he is away with Merlin, Aurthur’s mother and step-siblings are kidnapped. Meanwhile, Aurthur is forced into taking his rightful place as High King.

This third book in the series can be read alone, but stand alone fine. It is a decent escape into Aurthurian times for those needing a diversionary read.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.