Into the Canyon is the second book by Michael Neale following The River, furthering the allegorical story of Gabriel Clarke’s life. Traumatized at an early after witnessing his father’s death saving a kayaker, Gabriel discovers how connected his life is to the River, despite his difficulty of facing the history of what the River has done.

As in the first book, Gabriel’s story is recounted to Blake Caruthers–a man whom an elderly Gabriel Clarke met in the airport a while ago. Blake’s life has gone off-track, and he has sought out the wisdom of Gabriel Clarke to help guide him. Gabriel continues his life story of loss and love and learning about the importance of the River and abandoning oneself to it.

Ultimately a story of faith in God, Into the Canyon weaves a good story while maintaining its allegorical nature. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased book review.