I was drawn to Matthe Barnett’s recent book becae of the title: Misfits Welcome: Find Yourself in Jesus and Bring Others Along for the Ride. Being aware of my misfit status in life, I hoped to find some new nuggets of insight into living life well. The message wasn’t all new, though: Jesus loves misfits and uses them to do big things. But sometimes we need reminders about that. Honestly, I think I was a little turned off because to me the book felt like a big advertisment for Matthew Barnett’s church in Los Angeles, the Dream Center. I have nothing against megachurches–in fact I learned to appreciate some of their work when attending a megachurch in the Chicago suburbs many years ago–but at times the book felt like it was saying that the Dream Center is the only way to go as far as a successful church. And I do appreciate their ministry. More chuches need to reach out to misfts the way the Dream Center does. I think the most positive thing Misfits Welcome has in it is the stories of the drug users, prostitutes, and other misfits who found new life in Jesus and didn’t let their past stop them from being an agent of change in the world.

In exchange for my unbiased review, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.