I was unfamiliar with their story, but Ryan and Amanda became an internet sensation when their youtube video of his proposal and their wedding happening on the same day went viral. While their story may seem a bit too much of a fairy tale and pretentious at times, they give plenty of good thoughts on being ready for marriage. Instead of focusing on how to find a good partner, Ryan and Amanda focus on being ready to be a good partner yourself. Largely, though, they talk about being content where you’re at in life and focusing on loving God and finding identity in Him. 

Their relationsip advice is generally helpful, too. Even though I’m divorced after being married for many years, they mentioned things I appreciated. One was their mission to be a generous couple. Another was to serve together. For singles looking for an amazing love story, this book provides some helpful thoughts as long as you remember you won’t have the same story as Ryan and Amanda.

In exchange for an unbiased review, the publisher provided me with a copy of this book.