Royal Blood was only the second Dr. Who story I’ve read and the first one based on the newer television series (see previous post for the other book). Though I enjoy the new series immensely, I found this book a little harder for me to get into. 

The Doctor (the twelfth as portrayed by Peter Capaldi on television) and his companion Clara arrive in the city-state of Varuz. Varuz is an almost medieval civilization with nearly anachronistic technology. It is also in decay, on the verge of collapse as an enemy army is about to besiege Varuz. As Duke Aurelian prepares to go to war to defend Varuz, a mysterious group of Knights arrives seeking none other than the Grail. The Doctor and Clara find themselves in the midst of war and myth, trying to bring peace and reason.

While it took me a while to get into the story, it was entertaining. I don’t know that I’d recommend this particular book to friends who haven’t encountered Dr. Who before, but fans of the show–especially Peter Capaldi–may enjoy this story.

In exchange for this review the publisher has provided a copy of the book.