When I requested to read I Don’t Get You: A Guide to Healthy Conversations, I was expecting a very different book. I was expecting practical tips on conversation with others with whom you have miscommunication in a book. Instead I received a small booklet (less than 70 pages in a book that is about the size of a regular photograph) that focused on emotional purity in communication with the opposite sex. While the book wasn’t what I was expecting, I found it too be an enjoyable and helpful read (not to mention a quick read).

Emotional purity, like physical purity, keeps one’s conversations in check with members of the opposite sex. Author Sherry Graf describes five levels of communication (from basic fact sharing to sharing dreams and fears) and how each level is appropriate at different levels of relational commitment. The information is helpful for people in any relationship stage (single or married). I recommend this little booklet for anyone

I received a free copy of this booklet in exchange for an unbiased review.