Bob Roberts shares with Western Christians lessons he has learned from Christians in the East in his recent book Lessons from the East. While being an American pastor, Bob Roberts has invested time and energy working with pastors in churches in Africa and Asia–areas where despite persecution in many cases, the Christian church is rowing and thriving. He contrasts these areas–often deemed as more primitive–with the American church that is in decline.

My one critique would be that it sometimes felt that the recommendation for the American church is a complete overhaul: switching from the current setup to a house church situation. I understand that this format has had huge success in the Eastern world, and I understand why, but I would feel more hopeful if there was moreĀ advice for churches to be able to start without a complete overhaul.

I did appreciate his insight though–especially in areas of loving our neighbor. Roberts focused well on shifting the focus of Americans from the church as the focus of Christianity to God’s Kingdom as the focus. His insight into the church in the world is an insight that more Western Christians should be aware of.