Life After is not the normal book that I would pick up. It has a bit of a bent toward the romantic side–though not in a harlequin romance novel sort of way. While there is a bit of a love story within the pages of the book, the novel itself tends to explore the question of “Why?”

In Life After author Katie Ganshert tells the story of Autumn Manning, the inexplicably lone survivor of a bombing aboard a train in Chicago. She is tormented by grief, guilt, and plenty of questions. A year later, while the victims of the bombing haunt her sleep and waking moments, Autumn’s life becomes intertwined with a family who’s mother/wife died in the bombing. Amidst heightened emotions, those involved must look at questions of truth, goodness and purpose in life.

While answers to “Why?” are not given, the story provocatively looks at discovering where God’s path for us can lead. Despite not being my typical type of story, I enjoyed Life After. There were many times it was hard to put down the book as the authentic characters pulled me in to their lives.

In exchange for an unbiased review, the publisher sent me a free copy of this book.