Part travel memoir, part reflections on life and parenting, part inspirational thoughts, We Stood upon Stars tells of entrepreneur and adventurer Roger Thompson’s travels through the western United States. As he takes the reader through Yosemite National Park, he also talks about the life lessons he learned from his grandfather. In Yellowstone he recounts trying to teach his own sons how to be men. And through many other cities, national parks and places Thompson shares his own journey through being a man and following God.

I enjoyed “travelling” with Thompson to his favorite places and new discoveries. Each short chapter was illustrated with a map identifying favorite things in the area such as fishing spots, coffee houses, and restaurants. His insightful reflections often hit home personally as well, and his faith connections were not too pointed or over-the-top.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.5128icjhhxl-_sx309_bo1204203200_