In Radical Spirit Joan Chittister looks at twelve ways to live a free and authentic life (as the subtitle says) using the Rule of Benedict as a springboard for her steps. Chittister is a sister in the Order of St. Benedict. From the time she first became a nun as a young adult, her life has been guided by the Rule of Benedict in which St. Benedict laid out his guidelines for monastic life over a millennia and a half ago. Benedict focused heavily on humility as being central to a life of freedom and authenticity in a community.

While Chittister comes from a Catholic system, she writes for all people regardless of religious beliefs (or lack of); she wants to offer her thoughts on living a radical, free life to all people. She quotes Buddha as well as the Bible.

I appreciate her stories of struggle and questioning the steps as she encountered them throughout her life as well as her reflections on how to make 1500 year-old guidelines for a monastic community practical for ordinary people in everyday life.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.