Most of us want to be whole, I believe. Author and pastor Steve Wiens believes so, too. His recent book is titled exactly that. Whole: Restoring What is Broken in Me, You, and the Entire World helps us find where we’re off (broken) and how to find shalom (peace/wholeness).

Through the book Wiens weaves stories from his life and his friends’ with the biblical narrative of brokenness and restoration. He does so first through five main questions, originating in the Garden of Eden and going on from there: Where are you? Am I my brother’s keeper? What are you seeking? Where are you going? What will you bring?

After looking at those questions, Wiens takes us through the stories of the Exodus, the Wilderness, and finally into the Promised Land. Whether we’re leaving something that’s hard to leave, or in the midst of a dry place, we all have the promised land in front of us. Steve Wiens helps aid that journey through insight (that often comes through his own vulnerability) and stories, as well as questions, challenges, and blessings.